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The Chess King Alechine

14th June 2008, 02:26pm
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A lot of big mess happened at the war times! 

And the Soviets kick the Alechine out of own country, even he was been the first  Soviet Chess Champion and World Chess Champion!  He never returned to own admirable country... The 'strange' death of  Best King Alechine, at odd  world chess game... A  lot of countries were interested in empty Chess Trounce!?

In which wizard world we live?

14th June 2008, 06:07pm
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To: CzarWithinMoons!

Would you please to tell more details about  you meeting with Alechine!?

Where and when it's happened? You was been very lucky to see him!

How was been in the details, mood, appearance?

Is he told any stories and comments about the life, politics, meetings, competitors?..

And one more story, that I read about him, as a chess victim from the Liliental.

The Liliental beat him at one of European Cafeterias, where he regularly and successfully play for money and living, at 5 minutes blitz at the 3 or 5 games! Alechine demand the chess blitz re- match!  

The Liliental declined it, and told , that nobody at the word has such a great result at the chess against the Chess Word Champion Alechine!

And Alechine smiled and forgiven him for that!