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Have a nice Vacation!

Have a nice Vacation!

Sep 3, 2008, 10:53 AM 0

Have a Nice Vacation!

 Thank you for been with me so long! More, than most of my friends, partners, students, clients...

 Recently, I was been at the West Hollywood, at the Dental Office, and after that  I walked by the Santa Monica Street,
 to buy some russian food, for what I am always starving, like a Siberian wolf at the Los Angeles...
 Buying russian Chess books, newspapers, CDs of the  russian music, 
for what I am always starving, like a Volga's fish, at the Los Angeles river-cloak...

 By the way, I met a few of my old health clients! And they do not recognized me, at all...
 It is too hard to live and be invisible russian at the center of the Great Los Angeles...
 "The world tried to catch me, but missed me..." /Polish Author/

The life is not over, when the connections are lost, by personal or technical reasons...

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