If you really need the Chess Coaching, contact me

If you really need the Chess Coaching, contact me

Oct 22, 2011, 7:15 PM |



by ProGunslinger -
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Grigoriy is the most astounding chess Master I have ever played! He
not only is a technical and strategic Master, for him chess is an art,
this is truly a gift from God, to watch him play is art in action. It
comes so natural to him as breathing does to a normal person.

His rates are more than reasonable! It is so fascinating to have him
explain the thought process going into the moves. His strategy is
astounding in depth, and his creative checkmate positions are
breathtakingly beautiful and just pure art. He moves with such speed
and grace that I could watch him play all day. To be on the receiving
end of his skill is to be manipulated from the first moves, to be set
up so you have no chance of attacking with success, unless you are
skilled beyond comprehension. I have played many thousands of games,
and not until I played Grigoriy in competition did I realize just what
skill a chess Master can possess! Astounding is too poor a word
choice to describe the sensation, but I can find no words to
adequately describe the sensation!
Sincerely, Scotty Drye, Minister, Scientist, and Chess lover.



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Grigoriy Burtayev