Jul 13, 2008, 9:33 AM |

 Kramnik gave interview to Pavel Motocha, and answered the question about Kasparov political life in the Russia

"On Kasparov's political activities in Russia

I disagree with him. It seems to me that his political opinions are empty. Garry is too destructive for my liking. According to him, everything in Russia is wrong, Putin did everything wrong . But that is simply not true. Garry’s approach to everything is just demagogic and destructive. I disagree with his opinion that the situation in Russia is as critical as he sees it. Of course Russia is not a democracy on the same level as countries such as Germany or France, but you cannot judge today’s situation without taking in the historical context. Russia had never been a democratic country in the past, so that is why the transition is not easy. Nevertheless, nowadays eighty percent of the Russian population is not forced to fight for their existence, as they had to, some ten, fifteen years ago."

I agreed, that  good Kasparov's political attempts  at the Russia, are complicated, but, really,  not for Hight King Top Post, here...