Sep 3, 2008, 5:09 PM |

AWARDCHESS: welcome!

krazykristina: what happened to my last game ? did i miss something *looking around*

AWARDCHESS: Once upon a time, I made the move #!



krazykristina: yes thank you i looked congratulations and well played

AWARDCHESS: Join My Public Group" awardchess" We got 54 great Creative Persons, so far!..

krazykristina: am i a great creative person though

krazykristina: i will look right after this move and thank you for the invite

AWARDCHESS: I am sure you are a great creative player and person!

krazykristina: you are very sweet

AWARDCHESS: and smart,too..!

krazykristina: i have joined

AWARDCHESS: Thank you for the nice game!

AWARDCHESS: Share with us! Play wit us! Live...

krazykristina: i will

AWARDCHESS: Flame with us!

krazykristina: flame ?? getting out my matches *

AWARDCHESS: The Soul 's Flame doesn't require the matches! just a Art Soul!

krazykristina: oh

krazykristina: i think my art is a bit whacko

krazykristina: or should it be krazy

krazykristina: hmmm thats not nice i didn't expect that

krazykristina: dont know what to do got to think

AWARDCHESS: create and think, where it lead...

krazykristina: ok i will

krazykristina: it is so hard a game this i have an headache

AWARDCHESS: son told for his mother, that he has a stomach pain..

AWARDCHESS: you have to eat something, because it empty...

AWARDCHESS: The father told, that he got a headache!

AWARDCHESS: You need put something in, because it an empty! told the son...

krazykristina: hey cheeky monkey

AWARDCHESS: i am an healer

krazykristina: what kind of healer ? spiritual, medical , other

AWARDCHESS: Healer is a healer! I am a professional!

krazykristina: so you are a doctor then

AWARDCHESS: My mother was MD! But, at least 3 generations of my father's grandmothers were been a Medical Women, at full range of power.

AWARDCHESS: So, I found, it and self-realized a lot... the ...

krazykristina: so it is in you like DNA

AWARDCHESS: I proud what I did!

krazykristina: good everyone should be proud of what they do

AWARDCHESS: I doesnt saw many of us!..

AWARDCHESS: chang oneself, and the world will follow you!..

krazykristina: i do not need to change myself i love all

AWARDCHESS: and the world will follow you!

AWARDCHESS: if you deserve it!

krazykristina: no one deserves anything

AWARDCHESS: no one, but me... and you,,, and 99% of others

krazykristina: hmmm

krazykristina: oh eck

krazykristina: decisions decisions

krazykristina: i am feeling confident now maybe it is toearly

krazykristina: you know what is strange i play high rankers like you and MIHS and i play great i then play Sarah whose ranking is something like 776 and i am losing to her

AWARDCHESS: lost of inspiration is lost of energy

krazykristina: thats logical

krazykristina: thats why i lose to low rankers that and my temper lol

krazykristina: well thank you for allowing me to join your group i will look more closely at the contents tomorrow

krazykristina: but for now I am tired and I have an headache

krazykristina: so I am going to bed

krazykristina: enjoy the rest of your evening

krazykristina: nite nite

krazykristina: such a long time since I have forgotten what I was planning

AWARDCHESS: I forgotten what I may to play!


AWARDCHESS: What color I am playing, by the way?!

krazykristina: i don' know I am completely lost

krazykristina: i have decided I do not like tournaments

krazykristina: i think you are white

AWARDCHESS: Maybe the tournaments like you to much!?

AWARDCHESS: Read my blogs and forums, until it gone...

AWARDCHESS: Chess is a virtual hard real fight!

krazykristina: i was in a tournament doing pretty good to then played one guy who well not going there but I resigned the game and then resigned the tounament I lost about 30 games instantly my rankings dropped like a stone

AWARDCHESS: Are you knew, what happen with Lordbobbetti?

AWARDCHESS: played him about 70 games, total...

AWARDCHESS: But he played 1,000 games at once... and dropped, instantly, by Time-Out...

AWARDCHESS: He is a young good player! He told me, that he help his Mom!

AWARDCHESS: Now, he climb back 2 months, and just returned his rating!

AWARDCHESS: But his Time-Out now is so bad Ratio... That he cannot play at most tournaments, by 10% Default!

krazykristina: wow

AWARDCHESS: But actually he is player by real little above 2,000!

AWARDCHESS: i told him, do not pay attention to score!

AWARDCHESS: ractice and study!..

AWARDCHESS: practice and study!

krazykristina: yes but 1000 games is alot of practise

AWARDCHESS: He is 18!?

AWARDCHESS: He can play fast and not bad!

AWARDCHESS: t he need read, analyze, study Chess!

AWARDCHESS: Now he just player!

AWARDCHESS: Good regular one!

krazykristina: he sound like a grandmaster

AWARDCHESS: Capablanka played less than 1,000 games for his life!!

AWARDCHESS: Botvinnik also played about it..

AWARDCHESS: But now it is impossible!


krazykristina: i think i would need at least 100,000 then maybe

AWARDCHESS: I played at yahoo, maybe 15,000?

AWARDCHESS: plus, maybe 10-15 more...

AWARDCHESS: I lost a truck on them!

krazykristina: hmm like i am going to lose this

AWARDCHESS: For woman it can be less competition at the Active Chess!

AWARDCHESS: Because it not so popular among them, for some reasons!

AWARDCHESS: But actually it is a real opportunity to challenge the man's ego!

krazykristina: i tried that but I have a poor isp and I kept getting cut off

AWARDCHESS: I have a Broadband Verizon wireless device, and I got pronlems every day!

AWARDCHESS: yesterday it last about 10 hours...

AWARDCHESS: But before I has even worst T-Mobile Device, that stooped working at all.. And i pay Termination Fee $250, just to drop it!

krazykristina: wow i have broadband too but my speed is only 261 kbps and in contract until March

AWARDCHESS: In Japan they launched a rocket with 2 GGB conection!

krazykristina: sounds fast

AWARDCHESS: It must to be global at couple years! I think..

krazykristina: wow well I doubt here lol

krazykristina: hey sorry but I think i could have won this

krazykristina: hey I just looked you have 880 games on the go !!!

AWARDCHESS: I doesn't knew! This is Why I got a huge Headache fro!!

AWARDCHESS: Poor man-King Leer! or Lir!?