Let Start Help Chess Players!

Jul 24, 2008, 6:59 AM |

I got a Message from our Chess Commynity Brothers! I decided to help!

You can copy cat me, as well! Just Read! Just Think! Decide! Make an Action! like a man.

Now, I wanna ask the " bbeecher" to share some name of account, where I can donate some Chess $$$! Just in case! Feel Free to grow up your Chess University Group! I wish you the Best at  the Chess Brain Activities!

You can send that Info at my awardchess@gmail,com, or even post it at my Group Activity, as well as at my blog, that I gonna make now!

 Also, I invited you and all of your 87+ Chess fantasia pals to Join my Group: awardchess! United We Stand! And Play Chess!

 From: bbeecher

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Date: Jul 24, 2008 @ 6:20am
Subject: Request for Advice...


This is a message I left on the rock rooks.  Since you seem to be really active on chess.com, and I'm thinking you help the creaters of the site, I'm hoping you may have some ideas for us.  Anyway, here is the response I had regarding one of our online members asking if the club is a real club or just a virtual web-based club.   ...   The club is real.  It's the chess club for the University of Wisconsin-Rock County, and he have 74 members who are students, faculty, staff, and many from the public.  A few weeks ago, we decided to take our club to Chess.comand open it up to the people there.  Although many people from our campu club registered, we also gained 9 or 10 members from around the world.  So what I'm asking for are ideas of what we can spend this $187 on.  There was a problem with the chairs in the delivery too, so in total it will be $399.99 we can spend on other things.  With our money in the past, we've purchased additional chess sets, instructional DVDs, and we hope to hire Life Master, Peter Webster, to speak on our campus.  I'm hoping he will allow us to video tape him and we can somehow load the video lectures to chess.com.  Although I'm not sure this is an option, it's something I'm hoping for.  Maybe Grigoriy Burtayev (AWARDCHESS) knows if we can archive chess lectures on chess.com.   Other than the things I just mentioned, I'm asking for ideas on things we can buy that will help our chess.com members in some way which would have to be internet based.  Does this clarification help?"