Life's actions!

Life's actions!

Oct 16, 2008, 12:02 PM |

Life's action and anti-action!

The suicide is an anti-will to live in action!

 I saw the man, who used the rope in his  past, and the good rope was theased, and he drops alive into the life!

 I saw another man, just a few minutes before he used his rope to his ending of own life...

I saw the persons, who just balancing on the life's treat...

Who rule us and decide our actions and anti-actions?

Grigoriy Burtayev. Los Angeles. AWARDCHESS.




Denial of Will

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15th October 2008, 11:06am
by mozerdozer
Wethersfield, CT. United States 
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             Far from being denial of the will, suicide is a phenomenon of the will`s strong affirmation. For denial has its essential nature in the fact that the pleasures of life, not its sorrows, are shunned. The suicide wills life, and is dissatisfied merely with the conditions on which it has come to him. Therefore he gives up by no means the will to live, but merely life, since he destroys the individual phenomenon.   PLAY CHESS