List of Russian philosophers

List of Russian philosophers

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List of Russian philosophers

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Russian philosophy is a broad field, little known to most non-Russians, dominated by religious and humanistic figures such as Vladimir Soloviev and social or political philosophers such as Vladimir Lenin. Berdyaev is among the many famous Russian philosophers of the 20th century.



[edit] Major Thinkers

[edit] Russian Enlightenment

[edit] Slavophiles and Pochvennichestvo

[edit] Russian Symbolists

[edit] Westernizers

[edit] Russian Positivists

[edit] Russian cosmists

The cover of the book "The Will of the Universe. Intellect Unknown. Mind and Passions" by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, 1928

[edit] Mysticists

[edit] Epistemologists, Logicians and Metaphysicians

[edit] Anarchists

[edit] Materialists, Nihilists

[edit] Socialists and Marxists

[edit] Christian religious-philosophers

Pre- Solovyov

[edit] Orthodox Christian Theologians

[edit] Intuitivist-Personalists

[edit] Intuitivist-Realists

[edit] Existentialists

[edit] Aestheticians

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