Live Chess? Computer Assistance? The Doubts!?

Live Chess? Computer Assistance? The Doubts!?

Sep 7, 2008, 6:56 AM |

Live Chess? Computer Assistance? The Doubts!?

I played a few times at Live Chess, and I think, it even worst than Yahoo and Pogo... Because the site has well known problems, with slow connections and fast disconnections, despite not good Software 'Beta' version, it is not worst it!

 Play at tournaments, instead... if you like it!

 I played before at Yahoo blitz at different accounts, maybe 20,000 games...

4 minutes, 5, 6 minutes games! It was terrible public Internet...

 But I got a good training, anyway...

It help me now, a bit!.. 

Actually, I was good at Blitz at my Chess Life!

My first Winning City Championship was back to 1976...


Chess Engine Assistance? At live Chess? What time control used to play?

1. Is it real technically to play 5 minutes Blitz, with 'assistance"?  I do not believe it, yet!..

And a few other thoughts about it:

2. Is it worst it?

3. Is it help you grow?

4. Do not trust the Computers to much!, anyway...

They can mislead you, badly...

5. Computers do not have the Intuition, yet!..

Kasparov and Kramnik used the weaknesses of "Computer Mind" processing!

6. The Human Mind Processor still be at the parity with Computers of all kind!



Grigoriy Burtayev.

Los Angeles.