Mircea_1956 is skrewed off,and me, too...,again

Jul 14, 2011, 12:12 PM |

Group Notes

  • View profile The Man, who Won 7,000+ games leaving the Site in disgrace of Staff and Server! I am so sad about our Loss! I asked him to stay on!
  • by AWARDCHESS 44 minutes ago Delete
  • View profile Bad news...The Site skrew off our Admin and best friend Mircea_1956! He Pay to renew his Membership, but they gave him 3 times less days off for Vacation, /as they did it also vs me, AWARDCHESS. a few Months ago.. despite all current fake Listing at Policy of Site about 90 Days off, just in case/ ./Now he is leaving everything here... Please, pray for him and ask him to stay on, despite any unfairness at Site!
  • by AWARDCHESS 47 minutes ago