On the Sunset Road.

On the Sunset Road.

Oct 15, 2008, 9:54 PM |

On the Sunset Road.


Love and friendship are the most strong weaknesses on the world!

And even that the best betrayers are our friends and lovers, forgive them for their love and special interests toward you!

 I shared my life for saving persons off the troubles... leave me alone, as a bee,with broken wings, on the sunset of the life's dusty road...

 Grigoriy Burtayev. Los Angeles.

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Love and Friendship

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        Love and friendship are weaknesses; Basic human weaknesses. By this they are endemic to our nature that if one seeks to avoid them, one is likely to get oneself into a worse position than one would be in if one simply accepted the weakness in oneself. The tendency towards, the need for, the various affections of love and friendship may be basic weaknesses in this sense because of one`s needs and feelings and in the process give them free rein for subterranean mischief and eventual destructive effect within one`s life.    PLAY CHESS