Jul 12, 2008, 7:34 PM |

Once upon a TIME, many-many years ago, I was been at a half dozen of Russian poetic organizations, were  everyone can share the poems, freelancing, singing bard's songs, playing guitar, and it happen every week, monthly, or biweekly...

And everyone can shares the opinion, sharp friendly&deadly critiques...

And swear, after that, to hear responses for oneself , so called, "ART!"

And we study on own skin, about friendship, respect, and special story teller's abilities and techniques!

God bless my partners and leaders!!! 

So, I got my high poetic and analysing school, by own!

I got two extra correspondents courses for Freelancers at the USA...

So, now I just making free fun at my blogs!  

And keen my silence tongue at everything moving around website "www.chess.com", where everyone can hit and run anybody also smart or fake opinions and doom openings...

"Hit me, again!", as was said at the Russian famous Comedy " Dejavue", before striking back!!!