Play, Baby! Play!

Sep 28, 2008, 5:25 PM |

Until the time comes">Reply


28th September 2008, 04:42pm
by mozerdozer
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      Soon , very soon , thou wilt be ashes, or a skeleton, and either a name or not even a name; but name is sound and echo, and things which are much valued in life are empty and rotten and trifling, and like little dogs biting one another , and little children quarrelling, laughing, and then straightaway weeping. But fidelity and modesty and justice and truth are fled. Why then dost thou not wait in tranquillity for thy end, wether it is extinction or removal to another state, And until that time comes, what is sufficient ? Why then not venerate the gods and do good to men, and practice tolerance and self restraint; but as to everything which is beyond the limits of the poor flesh and breath, to remember that this is neither thine nor in thy power.           PLAY CHESS

28th September 2008, 05:23pm
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Play, Baby! Play!

Play Chess, until the darkness of your mind!