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Stalemate? Looks and go for it!

Stalemate? Looks and go for it!

Jun 25, 2010, 6:24 AM 40

In my long practice, I saved dozen and dozen games by Stalemate Theme, or at least got a chance to save the game, that was avoided by careful partners or my mistakes!

 Stalemate Patterns are astonishing surprises for some Inexperienced players! 

Study the Patterns, and use them! or forget and loose them, if you are careless player...


When the Game is on the Action, it is not so easy too calculate a moves on OTB Tournaments, but Correspondent Games allow a time to do it, without a rush!

And anyway the miscalculations and misunderstanding of the board Problems aren't a rare cases up here...

56.Rh5+ is a forced decision to go for a Stalemate, because, White King will get to Critical Point c1, anyway, after a Rook echange, and it may be a one of two Stalemates on place, after that...

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