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Oct 22, 2011, 6:37 PM 0

Tal is the player who beat at first Fisher 4:0, and after that start giving away an Autographs of oneself and ..of the Fisher... Tal told that he has the rights to do it, as he beat Fisher so many times...

While sitting at the Restaurant, Tal told loudly, when Fisher pass by him;-"Bobby, Cocooo!..'
Fisher was been offended, as he knew that he was been an Psychiatric evaluation before...
But maybe Tal do not knew it, as it was the secret.....

When Tal was been at the Hospital, Fisher came on to him, and they played many Blitz games...

Tal told that he has the Score- 6:6 VS V. Korchoi!

It was just the half True, as at that time, Tal got 6 Losses, and 6 Draws VS him only...

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