The Fisherman!

Sep 25, 2008, 9:24 PM |

The Fisherman!

25th September 2008, 09:21pm.
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The Fisherman!


The fisherman is ruled a stupid crowd...

The fisherman the stupidity promote!

The fisherman fish our naive souls!

The fisherman hold own dirty goals...


AWARDCHESS. Grigoriy Burtayev.

 Los Angeles.

25th September 2008, 09:22pm

Los Angeles United States 
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25th September 2008, 09:29am
by mozerdozer
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           One must not aim at overreaching others nor believe that the strength which lies in overreaching is virtue,and obediance to the laws, cowardice.  For this is the vilest state of mind and from it arises everything which is opposed to the good things,  evil and hurt...    Tyranny too, so great an evil it as it is, comes from nothing but lawlesness. And some men believe in this and others become hostile , but the mass either by skill or power would be too much for and would prevail. Anyone who thinks a tyrant arises from anything but lawlessness and overreaching, is a fool.         PLAY CHESS