The Server screw off all my games!

The Server screw off all my games!

Jun 2, 2010, 1:53 PM |

The Server screw off all my games!

One Month the Staff did not fix it!...

I did not Sign my 'Vacation'! The Server put me on, involuntary, and still my 17 Hours+ One Month of 'Vacation'...

Also, I can see only 250 games on my own Search of my games, from my 700+ games!

From this 250 games, I see first 7 games, where my partners thinking, and another 243 games, where the Server fake all my Times!

I can only assume that most another of my almost 500 games here had a same problem and trouble, but I cannot see it at all!

 Today, I Resigned some games, and I find another shocking true of Server's Trouble at a few of my games!

When I had a lot of Time, before Resigning, after it, all my time just gone, and Sever show that I am  'Out of Time'...

When I had a 16 Hours 38 Minutes on my time, before my Resign, immediately after it, the Server still my Time, and put, that I am "Out of Time"! This is Not True!

Until Now, I had No One Game from my 10,000+ games at www,, Timed Out!

The Server is Broken, at my Times calculations!

And Nobody wanna Fix it, so far! This is a really nasty Service!


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