The Vacation at One Day's Chess Tournaments!?

Aug 14, 2008, 3:58 PM |

The Vacation at One Day's Chess Tournaments!?


To: joeysouth21
Date: Aug 14, 2008 @ 3:44pm
Subject: Re: Vacation during tournament

I played wit him as well, but even as a TD, I cannot boot anybody, who used his Rights for the Vacation times!

I can take he Vacation too, but you can be sure, that I will be back online just in a few hours!.. Unless, something very serious going on!..

I hope he will be back, soon!

Original Message by  joeysouth21 on 8/14/2008 @ 2:46pm:

I am in the FAST #8 tournament and a player named nebojsa_cvetkovic decided to go on vacation.  What kind of fast tournament allows this nonsense?  I would appreciate it if he was booted from the tournament.  There is no reason to join a fast tournament when the other players arent going to play.