The white wolf

Sep 3, 2008, 7:38 AM |

White wolf at the Los Angeles!

Two years ago, I approached white wolf, at the midnight!

The wolf was a beautiful creature of God!!

It was happen just at the corner of 15 Street/Broadway at the Santa Monica City, that boarded with Los Angeles, California.

I was worked, as a Trailer Security Guard at the new Apartment Construction Site.

 At the full moon midnight, I felt something  unknown and odd...

I left my Trailer, and walked toward my extra sensitive feeling.

I saw him first, about 200 meters of me. He walked slow, toward me, by another side of the street,  and still don't saw, smell or felt me...

I walked toward him, too... The wolf crossed the street and walked on me! 

I stopped, invisible, behind some trees... When it was just 6-7 meters  between us, wolf took his sense of me, too! And stopped!

 I started thinking, that I did a little mistake, when left my Trailer!

Wolf started think about his unhappy night tonight, too... 

After long one minute, wolf steps right, and slow walked across streets around me... No rush... no fear... Just a curiosity...

Just a Security Guard at the Protection Service of the Construction Site, and the white fabulous wolf with strong neck and shoulders.

Nothing was stoled, no graffiti... no vandalism... Nothing to report at the Daily Activity Report. One more regular working night shift.

One more day inside the odd Life's experiment!

Grigoriy Burtayev.


Los Angeles.