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Two LEADERS at Chess.com!

Two LEADERS at Chess.com!

Sep 4, 2008, 6:25 AM 1

TWO LEADERS at Chess.com!

  • Make a FUN Chess! It only matters, beside our Leader Points!..by AWARDCHESS
  • View profileGood luck with your drill!by ozzie_c_cobblepot
  • View profileI knew! You play excellent! For me it is just a nice Chess Drill to play even more fantastic games, before steps-up to Active Chess, for some times ahead!by AWARDCHESS
  • View profileI am waiting until all 50 finish. I will have at least 31 first place finishes, and somewhere between 4000 and 5000 points.by ozzie_c_cobblepot
  • View profileI gonna finish 300+, before Christmas!.. Join the Rest of my Chess Tournaments Now, man! Let Fight On!by AWARDCHESS
  • View profileAre you going to stop at 300 Events entered? I stopped at 50, I'm waiting until they all finish. So that'll be about 5 yrs from now! :-)by ozzie_c_cobblepot
  • View profileLeaderboard Points: 2,399 Events Entered: 277 1st Place Finishes: 29by AWARDCHESS
  • View profileI wish! But at the December I played well at another Site even more, than you mentioned! But now the Staff made me unhappy, here... Every Company likes a Limits for Free-Minder -Leaders! But You and Me not support it failure!.. I wish You the Best! Be Creative and Un-Limited!by AWARDCHESS
  • View profileI wonder how high you can get your concurrent games! Perhaps 1500?by ozzie_c_cobblepot

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