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Sep 25, 2008, 8:50 PM |

Medley of Forces


25th September 2008, 08:40pm
by mozerdozer
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           The biologistic and historiosophical orientations of this age, which made so much of their differences, have combined to produce a faith in doom that is more obdurate and anxious than any such faith has ever been. It is no longer the powerof karma nor the power of the stars that rules man`s lot ineluctably; many different forces claim this dominion, but upon closer examination it appears that most of our contemporaries believe in a medley of forces, as the late Romans believed in a medley of gods.  The point is that man is yoked into an inescapable process that he cannot resist, though he may be deluded enough to try.   PLAY CHESS

25th September 2008, 08:47pm
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