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When fast tourneys are slow down by some players.

When fast tourneys are slow down by some players.

Oct 27, 2011, 6:29 AM 0

When fast tourneys are slow down by some players.


27th October 2011, 06:27am
Los Angeles United States
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This is a problem with all Tournaments, but you aren' t right!

If the players had joined Tourney, TD really cannot do to much after that, without disturbance.

Any push ups not helpful, and make some players angry and they can even start playing even more slow, in protest, and /or complain...

TD is not the Staff, at all.

And even Staff cannot push the players, after they start playing...

I can only block some players from entering to my new Tourneys, if I find it useful, and I does it at case to case...

Original Message by steveabe on 10/27/2011 @ 5:58am:

This is one of the WORST fast tournaments I have ever played in.

Players make one move per day. Even though that is legal,

I don't think this tournament was set up like this.

Why would players join fast tournaments if they cannot play fast? Join a slower tournament! I find this is the biggest problem with chess.com.

The tournament director should keep track of his own tournaments and sendmessages to players who do not follow the rules.

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