The Foolish King - This new iPhone and iPad app brings chess to a new generation

The Foolish King - This new iPhone and iPad app brings chess to a new generation

Dec 16, 2016, 3:33 PM |

THE FOOLISH KING is a brand-new iPhone and iPad app that combines fairytale storytelling from author Mark Price and hand-drawn artwork from Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown to bring chess to a new generation.The Foolish King is a unique proposition.

The free iPhone and iPad app uses a classic fairytale narrative to teach children how to play chess.
Within the mobile app, kids learn to play the 1400-year-old strategy board game and then compete against one another via the website, or iPhone and iPad software.
There's even set to be a free worldwide children's chess league for The Foolish King players launched on December 23rd 2016.


The Foolish King includes a magical, fairytale storybook that covers the secret history of chess – all illustrated by Martin Brown, probably best known from his work on the absurdly-popular Horrible Histories book series.
The app, which launched in the Apple App Store earlier this month, breaks down the rules of chess in a clear, easy-to-understand tutorial.
It also helps players improve their technique, thanks to a slew of handy tips – and suggestions for chess moves to try.


The iPhone and iPad software features one and two player game options, three different levels, easy, medium and hard, and the ability to play a friend either side-by-side or opposite each other as on a traditional board.
The companion book, The Foolish King, is currently available from online and brick-and-mortar bookstores.
Although, a digital copy of the book is also available as an in-app purchase within the iPhone and iPad software.
Author Mark Price, who penned the fairytale look at chess, was the founding Chairman of The Prince's Countryside Fund for HRH The Prince of Wales.


Source: Express