AICF Unrated Tournament

AICF Unrated Tournament

Feb 3, 2016, 9:18 AM |

This tournament was mine best ever because I was made blunders only in two matches instead of my all like in my past tournament..It was held 200 miles away from my home.I was well prepared with my black pieces but not with white pieces.The time control was 45 mins + 15 sec increment here. It was started from  28th jan 2016 to 31st jan .

Round first-

I had white pieces so I was very nervous with my first round .I made a opening mistake at move 9th .I made a very huge mistake with white pieces but I was lucky he was not find it.After that I got good position and he blunded and lost.

Round 2 -

This game I had black pieces so I  was less scared but in the opening I made a huge mistake in my calculations I thought i will win the d4 pawn but  i missed the discovered attack on Bb5 .I thought after taking on e4 he has to capture with his bishop instead of knight but I was wrong but anyways he played Bxe4 which I wanted to saw .  But I  was lucky because my oponent was not  saw the variation and played Bxe4  giving up his LSB for my knight .After that I made my position more and more better.

Round three-

Again with white pieces so I already in probs.My opponent was not very well player but I was not find anything good in the game .

Round 4th-

This game was full of blunders from white side but overall it showed my tactical level and my attacking skills from the opening to middle.I was not gave him any kind of counterplay during the game.I dont know that was he played right opening move order or not but I think I played really very well in this game.

round fifth-

My worse game ever played in my life.He was leading the tournament that time.I was to scared from him because he was only about 1800 rated player but I was scared from my pieces and I was not prepared with it. Anyways its worse.after the game I said to him that I can play very well if I will get black against you and he accepted it because he saw my games with black.

round 6th-

I lost this first round with black but I know what I made was a simple blunder thats it.He was an old man of 50 but he made opening blunder .Anyways nice game by him after his blunder.

round 7th-

I had white piece and again I faced the system which I was not familiar with .After the game he said to me that he was not familiar with this system.