DCA Below 1600

May 16, 2017, 4:16 AM |

Finally my all India below 1600 FIDE rated tournament is completed.I got my best result ever.I got six points out of 9 with some spectacular wins .Few times i escaped from a totally losing position into a winning position.But finally I crushed (1495 in round 2, 1524 in round 4th, 1446 in round 5th , 1504 in round 6th , 1509 in round 7th ).I lost a totally drawish endgame against 1467.



Round 1-

I faced a beginnner .


Round 2-

I was not feeling well because mine past results against rated players were so disgusting but i remember what my coach told me so i was confident and also mine both besties send me good luck so i knew that i will  and i can win.And I had white pieces but he replied with Nf6 on  move one which i was not knew well.But he misplaced the opening and lost so quickly.




Round 3-

I faced another rated player who was from south India and my master already told me that in south India childrens focus on openings and endgames.So I played very carefully but i overlook  something and entered into an opposite colour endgame which i tired to play well but i messed up and lost in a totally drawish position.

Round 4-

Round 5-

Round 6-
I played this round against my friend .His problem is that he cant play well against his friends.So i got the nice chance and he even was not consider any single move and he only making moves and lost .

Round 7-
My brother friend lost against her yesterday so he told me that i dont care about other rounds but you have to crush her .She also insulted my brother friend so I was in trouble because i wanted to win .But i win in so nice way.

Round 8-
I do not know what went wrong but i played so poorly because after round seven I had 6 points and only one lose so i was littlbit nervous .And i made error in opening and lost bishop pair advantage and then i made a wrong sac and i do not know why i played that. 

Round 9-
I was totally nervous after i lost becuase of my blunder in opening.SO i was not focused well in this game too  ad i lost in clear plus position.

Finally I got 107th place and i call this as my best tournament which i had ever played.Some nice wins against rated player of above mine rating.I gained 120 elo points too and 2nd best below 1400 and got 109 usd as prize.I hope i will play better later