Local chess one day tournament

Jul 5, 2017, 9:19 AM |

Recetly I played a tournament of one day .Time control was 25 min plus 10 second increment from move one.I had played 5 rounds and won three and drew one and lost one .So I got 3.5 out of 5.


Round one-

I had paired to an unrated guy because of the siding system .So i had Black pieces.I played so well but finally i made errors and errors and by luck  I won.I truely played like a beginner.

Round 2-

I faced a guy who met me in last year's North Zone University chess tournament .I was not played any single game there because all thought I am bad chess players.Our strong players lost but they wont let me to play .They cheated me.He played well in that tournament but i know him very well that he love Fischer like I does but he never cry thinking about him.So he loves Najdrof as Black and i had prepared The Alapin against Sicillian so i was so happy when i was paired against him .I got almost winning position in the opening but then we both missed a tactic but when he missed i came back to game and won .After the game he said he was not expecting me to play like that,He said he was not focusing well and he also said that he never thought that u can play like this .I thought you are loose again .Then I said its your problem brother,He really was not familiar with this opening.


Round 3-

I was paired against my past rival ,He crushed me two times I think and I won only one time.He had white and he played c4 .We were talking so loudly during our whole game.And the good thing about this game was that i was not knew the opening I only knew about pawn structures and  I knew about where to put pieces in that pawn formation and i applied that and got excellent IQP position but my bad endgame skills turned it into draw.

Round 4-

I faced a guy who is the strongest player of our tournament.His current rating is 1844.He is also student of my chess coach .When I reached my tournament venue I saw his face and it made me angry and i asked the organizer who is my good friend that why he is here .They said its also a surprise for them .i just hate that guy.Maybe it sounds negative fr some readers that why I am trying to insult him .I cant explain things here which he does with me and my best friend .I just wanna write in one word .He is so vulgour.I did not thought anything during this game and i gave up the points with no efforts bec it was so tough for me to stay in front of him.

Round 5-

I faced a guy who is 1504 .In last tournament  i crushed him in less than 30 moves I think.But this time it took a lot time and efforts .This game was also full of blunders by hiim and me.Finally in the end I won.

I  played So badlytear.png