Parshavnath 2018 Category C

Feb 14, 2018, 5:00 AM |

The enterance of this year is like an amazing year for me .I played a chess tournament this year and got 6 points out of 10 games but good point for me is that i gained 42 rating points.I played positional chess without any chess preparation bec most of time i focused on computers bec i thought to become an hacker and this is also my dream too.But okay lets see the tournament games and advise me how i played.


                                                                                                                                                                          Round 1 :-

                                                                                                                                                                        This was just a real typical round of me bec my mindset was like i wont win the game even if my opponent was unrated .I thought maybe bec of lack of my chess preparation I will going to lose my vvery first game but i was surprised because I faced sicillian so i thought i get an advantage with alapin.The game was fine for me fro the very first move .

Round 2 :-
This game was played among again a beginner .He gave up a piece in the opening and then went on to lose the game .Not an exciting game .
Round 3 :-
This game was played against 1539 and i was like  omg I am going to lose the game bec i already knew him that he got a nice position in below 2000 section.
Round 4 :-
He was a kid of maybe less than  15 .He was too much desperate to win the game bec he made weakness in his own camp so again a game of patience.He also spent so much time and he faced time trouble and lost his game.
Round 5 :-
A game in which my king was naked and i was like omg how i missed tactical blow which will come after Qb1+.
Round 6 :-
Again a game of patience and also full of fun bec my opponent was again higher rated than me and he was also making so much threats and also making attacking ideas but all backfired and then he lost his game,
Round 7 :-
A game of scandinavian defense.I was lsoing in the opening when i made a mistake with a3.but he missed Qxb2 then i became a pice up in the game but i made errors nd went into the double rook and knight with rook endgame but i was so sad and i lost my game .
Round 8 :-
I was so sad bec of my very first loss of the day so i was thinking to crush him bec he played c5 and  chose my favourate line with alapin but then i messed up nd went into a ery typial middle game and endgame and i was about to lose the game but than i found the drawish iidea and thrn it was a hard daw for me.
Round 9 :-
It was final day and i ws hoping to win both game of the end day but i made mistakes and lost my both games so sad and stressful day again.
Round 10 :-
Final game and i lost this game again and my opponent said to me that he saw me when i was playing my past games and he thought i will play well against him but i played like a melon in this last round so not an exciting game for me.