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Today I want to present something about tactics .Tactics are really most important in chess like strategy .They are the final part of your startegy. Here i won't present the tactical motiefs like fork,double-attack etc but I want to show something that how and when tactics works.So I hope you will like my work.

Concreate Goals-

There are two ways by which we can win a chess game-



How to achieve these above goals?

1.First task is to create a weak spot in your opponent's camp.

2.After you will created the weak spot then try to put your highest amount of pieces there.

Every tactical operation has certain targets.Arrange your all pieces farward first and when you find them actively placed then think for the combinations.

Tactical Operationa have certain goals which are described below-

1.Forcing candidate moves.Always when you have actively placed pieces then try to find some kind of forcing sequence in your position.

2.Forcing exchange.Always try to exchange with forcing exchanges but if the exchanges will favours  you then try to exchange othervise try to look for other kind of possibilities.

3.Forcing draw.When you are in bad positions then try to find the forcing sequence which will give you a draw.

4.Zugzwang.Means put your opponent into a deep dark hole so he will be forced to follow your forcig sequence .

Forcing play-

Forcing play means that you can advance your attack in such a way by which your opponent have only few ways to defend which is better for you.Most of the forcing moves are checks,capture ,threats.

How a chess player win material -

With the help of co-ordination of the pieces.

Types of advantages-

1.Material advantage.

2.Positional advantage.

Types of Positional advantage-

1.Static advantage-

Static advantage means when you create a weakness in front of the opponent and this kind of weakness which can not move.For ex-Like if its a king or a pawn which can not run easily so then we call it static advantage.

2.Dynamic advantage-

Dynamic advantage means when certain player gets the ability to position his pieces in a better way .So,its temporarily but this formation gives better placement of the dynamic pieces.Dynamic postional advantage includes better placed pieces,pressure and short attack. When you have the dynamic advantage then you must have to play actively before your's opponent's defensive tasks will come under consideration.So when you have the dynamic advantage then always look for some kind of forcing sequences which won't allow your opponent to play  with active defense.

Some basics ideas of attacking-

1.When you are attacking then think about the position that what is the target.

2.When you find the target then try to find the weakness in your's opponent's camp and try to exchange the defenders of the target.

3.If we want to play a successful attack  then the most basics conditions are essential are the forcing play,the dynamic advantage,how to remove defenders from the area in which you are attacking.

Tactical Operation-

Tactical operations are the most important part of our combiations.They gives us strong position.It improves our piece coordination.Tactical operations involves  specific kind of seaquence of moves that will help us to proceed in our position furthur and create more difficulties to our opponent.

Types of Tactical Operations-

1.Exchanges .

2.Forcing play.

3.Sacrifices-They are of two kinds ppositional sacrifices and combinational sacrifices.Idea of sacrifices is to remove the defender's of our opponent's area.

Why sacrifices-The idea behind sacrifices is to unbalance the position ,changing the pawn structure in the opponent's camp,creating weakness in opponent's camp,creating targets.

Signs whether the combination exists or not-

1.Coordination of our pieces.Maybe minimum two .Its on the particular area.

2.Tactical ideas or motiefs like fork,double attack ,deflection etc.

3.Forcing moves.If you are in a position where forcing moves are available then maybe combianations are available too.

4.Elements of the position-like forcing  moves,co-ordination,open files and the majority of the pieces etc.

How to find a combination-

1.You will have to find the tactical motief.

2.If your's opponent pieces are not coordinated then this means your are coordinated so you have to find combiantions in these kind of situations.

3.Advanced pieces.After we will find all three above motiefs then we will have to look for the ideas.Ideas like to breakthrough in the position.