YSN Open Chess Tournament 2017


Recently on May 6th to 7th I played a tournament which was held in Rewari and its only 50 miles away from my home.I got 5 points out of 7 this seems quiet nice but for me I do not think that I played so well in the tournament.But I got 11 th  place in that tournament.I am satisfied bec the way in which I played I do not thin its right place for me.When I reached the tournament venue then all people asked about me.I am only 1303 rated player and top rated was 1805.But no one asked his name and all were looking at me When i  met the organiser who is like my uncle he said woah GM came for play I felt aweosome .He said to everyone that he knows officially Himanshu is first GM from Haryana but in his mind I am the one who is first GM from Haryanan..I also helped some people in chess and in rubic's cube.I showed them that how i can solve 3x3 and how I solve 4x4 .So the players were already impressed by my nature.Hurray .Time control was 30 min plus 10 seconds increment from move one but due to some issues it turned into 25 min plus 10 sec increment.I had to play 4 rounds in a day and on the second day i had to play 3 rounds.But okay its fun to play an unrated tournament with rated players and you know guys I am preparing for All India below 1600 tournament which will held in New delhi  from May 13th -May 15th with the time control of an hr plus 30 second increment from move one.After that  I will go to play another tournament which will held in Aligarh .The run is about an hr 30 min form Delhi .Its an open tournament with time control of 1hr 30 min plus 30 second increment.I am excited to play both and now lets come to this current tournament's games.I also made the commentary by which any beginner can understand games well.and I also mentioned some tip in almost every game .


                                                                                                                                                Round 1.

I had to face a very tiny boy who is  a beginner and started playing chess few days ago so i wont with no efforts,

                                                                                                                                                  Round 2.

Again I face an another beginner.

                                                                                                                                                  Round 3.

I played the third round against a girl who already knew the advanced method of solving rubic's cube and she also knew some of the fingering techniques which i really do not know well in rubic's cube.After she lost she said come and beat me in boxing I am a boxer and i said no i dont wanna hurt my bones and we both laughed.So another beginner another win.

Round 4.
This was the last round of my first day of the tournament.Before the round when my some past chess friends saw the list then they said Abhi you have to crush this guy.I said okay I will try  my best I played well in opening after he made horrible positional  blunder on move 4 which cost him to give up his best piece which was his LSB .I was so haapy when i got bishop pair advantage  in early in the opening .In middlegame  I thought i missed something maybe win too.But I became careless bec of my nice position and I made a horrible exchange on e5 and which cost me a piece.So in the middlegame I got only one pawn for my piece.I was so sad when i got piece down position so I hope to think about perpetual but i do failed in it too.In the endgame he gave me a chance to play when he totally ignored my kf6 move in time trouble .And i won so easily when he traded queens on c5 square.So blunder from both sides but I won,As I wrote above that my past friend told me about my opponent but he was not told me his rating.He was 1696 FIDE rated player So I was so shocked because it was my first win against any 1600+ player in a real life tournament .It was not so exciting game but this shows one nice concept which is always play and move on in any circumstances Like in this gme I was piece down but i do not lose hope and i played and won .Yeah I won luckily but yeah we both made mistakes like i gave my piece and he gave it back in endgame becasue he was in serious time trouble .But its okay all time people make mistakes in chess.so always play .
Round 5 
In this round I faced a guy who is about 1542 FIDE rated .He is dam lucky he got 2nd position in the tournament with no efforts.It was also a fun game we both smiles a lot during the game and no one focused on the game and finally I lost .hehehe.But  I mention this game as an excellent example of how to play with the semi open f file in tarrash which he did well.
Round 6 
This game is also full of laugh and my opponent was one of my past friend .Only chess friend .I never stayed in touch with him.He was thinking too much towards my kingside but he failed to find simple moves and this game also reminds me the 6th game of World Chess Championship 1972,in which Fischer had white pieces and Spassky had black and Fischer played the move d4 a shocker for Spassky because he know that Fischer is a e4 player but he played d4 and it almost broke all the Spassky's preparations about openings.In my game I prepared d5 against d4 so well but I dont know I thought to play like Fischer but in such a monkey style chess and I played Nf6 In the endgame I was a piece up and I thought i can win with my passed pawn after I give back my piece back but I lost.
Round 7
In the final round I faced another beginner and I won by luck because he missed dxe5 winning the piece on h5.I also missed a simple tactic early in the opening.

Summarising this tournament I can see that I won no games .All i won because of my luck .hehehe anyways i spent .90 usd on tournament and i wont it back because I got 11 position .But yeh I got my first win against 1696 in that tournament and players shocked me when they said that you crushed a 1696 FIDE rated player.