Vestfold Championship 2014

Vestfold Championship 2014

Jul 14, 2014, 8:19 AM |

These are the games I played in a two day tournament back in May. It was the second tournament I played in and the first time I played more than one long game in a single day. I played five games in total, three on the first day and two on the second.

This was the championship of my home county (Vestfold). Prices were awarded to the players with the most points in each class, but players could meet players from every class. I was unrated at the time so I was playing in the lowest class. The time controls were 90 minutes + 30 minutes after 40 moves. 

This blog post is mostly so that I don't lose these games (I already lost the sheets once). 

To sum it up: I attacked, he defended well, I probably had some small advantage that I failed to utilize. As this was the first game in the tournament I did not feel much pressure to win. 

To sum it up: I blundered, he pushed me back, I defended, he got lazy and was mated. 

To sum it up: Generally weak play, probably should have
had it in the bag without a terrible blunder. This game is a bit lacking in notes since I was barely conscious. I was chugging coffee and splashing my face with water between each move. This is the only game I've lost where I really feel I should have won it.  

After the last game of the first day I basically gave up on trying to win my class. I had been totally unprepared for this type of event. I was exhausted and really disappointed with my last game. The next day I was much better prepared, well rested and ready to just enjoy myself. 
Edit: Here are the last two games I played. They were originally eaten by the blogosphere when I first wrote this post.
To sum it up: Unfamiliar gambit, opponent has a strong attack, I defend, I counter-attack. Apparently my opponent worked a night shift in between day one and day two of the tournament... I'm suprised he survived. 

My notation is missing after move 40, but I end up winning the game when he tries too hard to push his pawns on the king side. My bishop gives me the ability to trade off a piece when I choose to do so and that lets me steal the tempo at a crucial moment and promote my passed pawn. My opponent was literally a child and his rating was obscenely inaccurate (he was beating 1400-1500 players in this tournament) and if not for the fact that we both wanted a win in order to win our class, we would probably have drawn. 

Since I did not have a rating when I played in this tournament I was placed in class 5 (999 and under, but about 80% of players in this class were unrated) and I won it with 3,5/5 points! About a month after this tournament I received my first rating, ELO 1369, and this would have placed me in class 3 (ELO 1250-1499) which I would still have won. All in all I'm very satisfied with my result and I had some interesting games.