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My daughter or The sweetest surprise

My daughter or The sweetest surprise

Apr 8, 2014, 12:53 PM 2

My daughter doesn’t play chess. That is, she knows the rules, but after some initial tries she decided that the game was not for her. Nevertheless, it’s hard to avoid chess completely in our house, so I found out that almost every time a new book of one-movers appears in my shelf, she has a butcher’s at it, sometimes ending up solving puzzles.

We almost share each other’s birthday (the gap being only two days), which makes a good excuse to make one cake instead of two. This year Agnieszka offered to do the cake herself, and immediately some mysterious preparations began to take place in the kitchen. Enigmatic boxes (“Daddy, don’t open them!”) appeared in the fridge. And when someday I saw the square sponge, I should have guessed it all, but believe it or not, I didn’t, so when yesterday after my siesta I was asked to sit down comfortably in my chair and close my eyes, I was totally unprepared to what was about to happen. A slight commotion occurred before me and then I heard my daughter saying triumphantly: “Okay, now you can open your eyes. Black to play and win in two moves!” I obeyed, only to see the sweetest chessboard I have ever seen in my life (and I did see a lot):

I was so touched that I chose the less obvious Qe4+, followed by Qg2#:

(Agnieszka: “Splendid, dad. Now you deserve your slice of cake.”) Here’s the whole puzzle:

Black to play and mate in two moves

The cake was delicious (and wonderfully easy to cut due to its shape). Dark and light squares were made of chocolate cream and dried coconut, the chessboard bordered with almond flakes, pieces meticulously modeled in marzipan. The white king was particularly tasty:

Delighted with so beautiful a gift, sweet and chessy all the same, I immediately presented Agnieszka with my first study, composed especially for her. Enjoy:

Black to play and draw

Pictures © Nutinka

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