The problem of nail-biting

Oct 16, 2009, 3:17 AM |

The problem of nail-biting:

Loan nail disorders, oral functions, such as their lack of taste or inability to swallow, and others, and most children are concerned and lend their nails and the baby is usually nibbles his fingernails to the severity of Itkhvv felt tense and show the problem is obvious in children near the fourth and fifth years of age and continue for periods up to the advanced age of twenty.

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Reasons for this problem:

1 - Emotional Maladjustment bite the nails of the child who shall desire to inconvenience parents and place to install the habit by exercising the recurrent and urgent desire to trouble the parents thought that the punishment for them.

2 - punish the child for himself as a result his discontent on his parents and not being able to dump his cargo including making the efforts of those feelings of aggression towards them cherish about the same (same).

3 - Parents excessive ambition which is beyond the possibilities of the child feels scared of achieving anything They reflect this fear in the form of anxiety and tension and be a feature of this nail-biting anxiety.

4 - The presence of the child imitate model either at home or in school Afikld child of that person and has a habit to take root.

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We propose to treat the problem:

1 - clipping the wings of the child first and not leave it first goes on.

2 - Provide psychological climate region of the child and remove him from the annoyances and stress.

3 - an article once on the finger nails of the child, provided the objective definition of the child than that.

4 - reward the child financially and morally in the promotion of non-loan nails Valtwab benefit more than punishment.

5 - to discuss the child and brought to his attention the need for liftoff on these habits discarded by others.

6 - the use of recording devices, for example registration of the word "will not nibble my nails" on the bar and hearing the child before sleep or during sleep.

7 - works with various activities of the child absorbs the energy and tension toys dough and clay and clay sand and water games with the child take a manual activity.

8 - away from the punishment of the child and discourage or ridicule.