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I broke 1400 for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!

I broke 1400 for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 6, 2013, 5:48 PM 5

     For a while, I've been working on improving my rating.  I got passed 1300 rather quickly, but was stuck in the 1390s.  Then, today, on 6 July 2013, I found out my rating had reached 1400 in a great way.

     I was doing my rounds at the Dominion, and I was looking at one of our team matches against the 13th Legion.  I was scrolling down thinking, "good, we have more people than them, and we outrate them at least at the bottom of the board," when I saw my name, and next to it: 1406.

     It was a great moment.

     I may end up losing a couple and going back into the 1300s, but still, it is a good day.

     On to 1500!

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