Reflections On My Two Year Anniversary

Feb 17, 2014, 6:01 AM |

Today is Presidents Day in my country, my favorite holiday of the year.  So it is fitting when, this morning when I logged on to, a trophy was waiting for me on my alerts panel.  Naturally, when I saw a trophy there, I assumed the worst - I'd not seen a checkmate coming in one of my online games, and my opponent had won and sent me a good game trophy.  Upon further examination, however, I found that it was just a "Happy Anniversary" trophy, wishing me good fortune going into my third year on  A chess anniversary and my favorite holiday on the same day makes for a pretty good day.

President's Day was the perfect time to get this news.

Had I had some foresight at my one year anniversary, I would have taken pictures of all my groups and ratings so I could write a blog post comparing the two a year later.  Now you have that blog post, but I didn't take the pictures.  I'll try to analyze the changes I've made at over the last year by looking at dates of posts and other indicators.

In online chess, I've progressed quite a lot.  A year ago, I had a rating of 1221, but it is now more than 200 points greater at 1479.  I played a grand total of five Chess960 games, but my rating (probably provisional at this point) improved 200 points.  My bullet chess decreased slightly and my blitz increased; I did not play much of either this year.  Overall, my chess game improved becasue I'm becoming more serious about chess.  In this past year, I joined the USCF and now play in tournaments.  I play chess every day, and I utilize tactics trainer far more often. has helped me grow to be a better chess player in that sense.

I'd also like to take some time to examine my groups, and their growth.   A year ago, my group, Star Trek: The Dominion, was one group with about 200 members.  Now, the group has grown to 800, with four subgroups, three of which have over 300 members.  A year ago, I ran the group completely by myself.  However, in the past year, my three best admins I ever had came.  DCGBurrow came to the group in April, shortly followed by franksmith.  In the few months that followed, what I consider to have been the "Golden Age of the Dominion" occurred, with new ideas constantly coming out and a wealth of activities for our members existing.  Eventually, however, this triumvirate fell apart; DCGBurrow left the site, and medical problems in my real life led to me stepping down as head of the Dominion and passing the role onto franksmith, who had by that time renamed himself Supreme_Commander_FS.  RobinKarlsson came to fill the void of DCGBurrow, and did it admirably.  

However, the Dominion is not as great as it once was.  We are stronger in members, and still an awesome group, but we have lost a little bit of ground.  In the coming year, I look forward to revitalizing the group and introducing the second Pax Dominia.  In the coming year, I will see my rating increase to above 1550 and I will see the Dominion reach 1000 members.  

It's been a great two years on, and I look forward to another one.  

Until next time,