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A Shout Out for the End Game and Other Tales.

A Shout Out for the End Game and Other Tales.

Mar 12, 2010, 3:21 PM 4

I've been pretty good about doing Chess Mentor lately.  Not a model student but definitely making an effort to learn things that I don't find that pleasant.  I have seen a complete change in my feeling toward the endgame. 

I am not a whiz but I have some tiny concept of direct and diagonal opposition and a vague concet of trebuchet and outflanking - and when they should be used is still murky for me but...yeah, you get the point. 

The two game segments I'm including are one in which I know I would have done differently if I had not studied my endgames...so I'm very proud of it - especially since my opponent offered me a draw twice and told me he's "80% sure it's a draw". 

The second is just a little segment I'm happy about because I wanted to do things in the wrong order but caught myself in time. I normally get "click happy" when I see an opportunity.


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