Little Chess Things

Feb 6, 2009, 8:01 AM |

I'm in that courting period of what I imagine is to be a lifelong love affair with chess.

 When I was about 7 my father speedily taught my 5 year old sister and I how to move these mysteriously royally shaped objects on a chequered board.  We weren't really allowed to watch television as children so this was his latest attempt at getting us out of his hair.  The next day I confidently reminded my sister of the piece queen could do the knight's movements in addition to her other talents.  We forgot about the game within a few weeks of play...but the memory lingers.  The excitement that such a thing could be done with such simple tools.  

I wonder if everyone has favorite squares like I do.  I can't pinpoint the logic behind it, but I really enjoy moving my pawn to d4 in an e pawn opening.  I get satisfaction from Re1 even if it has no bearing on anything else.  It makes me feel secure (unless a bishop is lurking near).  I instinctively want to hold onto my knight rather than my bishop when I have the option, despite all advice to the contrary.  I subconsciously like that the knight swivels when he moves...and often delights with his unforseeable feats.  I find the bishop's lithe sleekness to be feminine...even the fact that it moves on diagonals.