Primo Reviews: "Chess 4 Kids" by Lucio A. Garay

Primo Reviews: "Chess 4 Kids" by Lucio A. Garay

Sep 30, 2016, 6:43 PM |


 First....About The Author

          Lucio A. Garay first was introduced to the game of chess more than 35 years ago. His Granduncle ignited his interest by showing him the game, and from that moment on, Lucio's passion for the game has never died. This passion of his is clearly shown through his book "Chess 4 Kids". With his experience of teaching in the South Florida area, this has allowed Lucio to develop a skill and explain even the most complex topics. Currently, Lucio teaches chess at Franklin Academy in Sunrise, Florida. Also, he is actively involved in the chess community around him. From tournaments to mentoring, Lucio is actively spreading the joy of chess to everyone around him. 


          Now, I know Lucio personally and I can tell you  that his enjoyment of chess is truly contagious. Before I met Lucio, chess was just a game I played a little of in High School and did not think too much of it. However, through his fire and passion, I am now a complete chess addict. is now constantly a tab on my web browser and the most used app on my phone. It has gotten to the point where people ask me, who are  you texting? My girlfriend then replies, he's just playing chess. This obsession was only brought about by Lucio A. Garay and his passion for chess.



About the Book


          Without spoiling too much of the fun, "Chess 4 Kids" is a truly entertaining book for all ages who are venturing into the game of chess. The concepts, even though my first appear to be presented in a childish manner, are made very easy to understand. Catchy sayings, fun graphics, and practice tools makes it very easy to understand basic chess terms. 

          The casual speech of the the text make you feel like your Granduncle is right there with you teaching you chess. Even the opening of the book will feel like a story you would ready before bedtime. It will hold the smallest of readers attention while teaching them advance chess terminology, Principles, and tactics. 
          Also, for the older audiences who are interested in chess, this is a book for you as well! You can't help but remember the sayings with the comedic tone Lucio provided in the book. I can't help but call this the "Shrek" of chess books. Jokes for all ages and just as entertaining. 

          Now, with the total length of the book being 48 pages long, you'll start your path on  becoming a master in no time. within minutes you'll be able to understand the basic moves of the pieces, and within the hour you will be able to know everything you will need to know to start exceeding against the average Joe. 




           Hopefully if you get to read an enjoy this book, you will be able to become just as passionate as Lucio. I recommend grabbing a copy and for less than $10 it is a steal. Even if you are into the game, give it a read! You'll enjoy the chess jokes and witty humor of Mr. Garay provides. All ages, all genders pick up this won't regret it!


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