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Aug 20, 2009, 9:59 PM 0

I'm looking forward to school starting so that chess club will start.  Then I will be able to play weekly.Chess club is every wednesday.At the end ofthe year near the state championship we hold chess club in our school libary.only people going to state can go then.i dont listen to much music but ill tell you some of my favorite songs.

1: sultans of swing2:romeo and juilet and other dire straits songs/mark knophler3:eye of the tiger4:schools out5:hit me with your best shot6:devil went down to  gerogia7:slow ride,dont tell me what slow ride means if you do know cause i know what it means8:message in a bottle9:Iron man10:The best day ever,from the spongebob cd best day ever.give me comments if you listen to these songs.or tell me songs that you like and ill listen to them,bye :)

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