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How to play good chess-illustrated by my greatest chess match

How to play good chess-illustrated by my greatest chess match

Dec 11, 2013, 9:29 PM 0

I personally believe that anyone can play very good chess. You should first know basic knowledge of the game like two sides i.e. kingside and queenside, etc.. To develop chess skills play with an open mind by not keeping anything in mind before starting a game.Gradually you will learn to analyse position and play accordingly. You should know that what actually matters is your ability to get the grasp of the position, but grasping position is not so easy there are many positional ideas which may not have occured to you at all. You need to understand that mere calculations, tactics and strategy won't help you to become a good chess player. Also, you should not stick to material value too strongly, i played a match with chess titans at highest difficulty and with only a queen and a bishop i managed to draw the match by three fold repetition as i was giving check and mate threat, but he had two rooks more. I had drawn that match because my kingside position had been better since long.

To improve your chess skills play against a stronger opponent with concentration and with enough time available.Then, further think about the reasons of your losing the game, surely they can not only be related to tactics but to a deeper insight of game which you lacked. You might have been thinking that everything was going well in the game but if you will look differently you will realize that you were losing badly.

Although i am not a chess grandmaster but i can play good chess and I am sure this blog will be helpful to chess learners.

This is a beautiful game played by me

I was losing materially but i had good position(better pawn structure) so i kept my ground and didn't try to prevent losses and afterwards due to my better position the tide of game started to swing in my favour and the opponent lost very badly in end. So it wasn't just a matter of simple game that i was playing it was a matter of deeper insight of game i had, the insight which contradicts calculations, strategy, and tactics but overvalues positional understanding.

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