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Recording My OTB Games

Recording My OTB Games

Jan 18, 2018, 8:45 AM 0

Having just picked up Chess again for the first time since I was 12, I realise that I'm not as good as I once thought. I've also noticed that I tend to think (a bit) harder about my moves in IRL games. I think that this means that they will be better for analysing. As such I am going to try and publish here (warts an' all) all my terrible beginner games.


Another thing I think might be useful from this is seeing how I play against people who don't know anything about openings etc. This will force me to think more about the responses I play. Am I applying correct principals or merely following an opening line?


Let's begin with the second of two games I played against my lovely girlfriend. I didn't note down the first game.

I didn't play especially badly in this game. The analysis engine showed a pretty good CAPS score. For this game i hadn't introduced SegH to any opening theory.
Whoops! In this game, despite a huge material advantage I not only allowed myself to get pushed around, but  neglecting to give my King breathing room on h7 meant that I suffered a humiliating defeat!
In addition, before this game I introduced SegH to some opening theory. Development, commanding the centre etc. It resulted in a very slow Italian game. (I don't really know what im talking about here mind).


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