2015 US Chess Championships - Learning my fatal flaws! (Part 1)

Apr 13, 2015, 4:01 PM |

US Chess Championships


This tournament took place in Columbus, Ohio from April 10-12, 2015. I learned a lot about myself and what I need to improve on, which is what I have never learned EVER before from playing in a tournament. This tournament was very special, since I was playing people that I was supposedly be able to easily beat (I'm underrated and I have creamed 1800s and 1900s before), but then I lost to them, because of concepts that I didn't understand. This was very awesome that I was able to see this after the game, because now I can improve on this for myself, which I'm planning to do since I bought two $20 Chess Books. :)

These games that I played also show how important some chess motifs (space, material, development, etc. I forgot what they are called so I just said "motifs") are, because I dropped some of these, which in the end led to my demise, and slight depression.

Lastly, don't forget to comment any other things I should've done in this game! I won't just chuck advice out the window, unless you tell me to sac my queen in order to lose my compensation. I will be announcing more of my games, but this one I went so in depth went and it covered so many of my weaknesses, that I had to devote a whole blog to it.

Round 1:


So, I was winning, I was up material, up development, up space, and had the initiative. What happened?!?!?!

1. I shifted my attention over to another side of the board when I didnt need to. I was still able to attack the enemy king with my extra material and I should've done it and not worried about losing my c-pawn.

2. Don't always try to look for ways to win. I was trying some radical things that didn't work, which ended up making me die terribly. Like I mentioned earlier with Fox-in-the-chicken-coop, I could've kept moving my king back in forth from d1-e1, until he got his king to c2, then I could've pushed my a-pawn. If he didn't go to c2, it would've been a draw.

Wow. What a game. I looked at the two chessbooks I bought and reviewed with my friends to see what I did wrong here. Hope you had fun and cya!