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Oct 22, 2012, 8:32 PM 0

This is the car I hope to have some day. It is a Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo. I took a ride in one the other day and I was floored. The guy had of course done some work to it, but the car fricken flew. I have never been in a car that fast , so suffice it to say, it was a traumatic experience for poor wittle me.

So. Let's see. In case you didn't already know, I have some issues. So if I flip out on you for no reason, it's because I'm having an episode. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and it haunts me. I really haven't a clue what sets off the lows and then triggers the highs. I have been seeing the base psychologist for a year now and they're not sure either. I think part of it is I am addicted to some things I shouldn't be. I grew up in a household where both of my parents worked like 24 hours a day, so I didn't have much guidence. If you're curious, I learned to play chess by hanging out at the base recreation area. There was a drill seargent who knew of my situation and took me under his wing with the permission of my dad. So i learned all sorts of neat and interesting things :).. 

Hmmmmmmm what else of my life story do you want to know? Any questions, please post them below. I'm an open book. Kiss

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