My first live game with a GM

My first live game with a GM

Apr 3, 2017, 11:35 PM |



So, this is my first game against.  I got destroyed!!!


I did not used my pet defense. Instead, I used the Pirc Defense that I am exploring. I needed the Pirc Defense because there are times that this can transpose to the position for King's Indian Defense which I am trying to learn.


I am nervous all throughout the game. The time pressure isn't helping either. On top of that... my wife has finished cooking breakfast and waiting on the dining table as I play. What an experience that is. If it wasn't for my wife, I should have won the game...nah!


Anyway, the higher rated player should be the one analyzing. So I just let the computer do the thing.



Mate in 12
Strength White Black
Excellent 21 15
Good 4 7
Inaccuracy (?!) 1 2
Mistake (?) 0 2
Blunder (??) 2 1
Forced 0 0
Best Move 60.9% 43.5%
Avg. Diff 0.51 1.02


White made more blunder than I did? That's a score!


I will give time to analyze the game myself. Particularly 4. f4.