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Not-So Pro Chess League - Play Offs is coming FAST!

Not-So Pro Chess League - Play Offs is coming FAST!

Jul 11, 2017, 4:03 AM 1

With hours away from the end of week 5 of the Not-So Pro Chess League Season 3, a lot of expectations is geared towards who are the sixteen teams that will be in the play offs. 


Week 4 leading team, Jesus Squadron, takes on the the Four Knights. With just board 3 left unplayed, the Four Knights already won 3 points. Both teams are going for the Play-offs. Here's the game of board 1:

Some matches were finished, others are still in progress while a few have no games played yet. Among the finished clashes are Bull Sharks vs Jedi Knights (2.5-2.5), Speedy Chess Players vs Chess Dominators (1.5-3.5), R.O.O.K vs Chess GP (1.5-3.5), and Pawn Destroyers vs Sunset Player (1-4). 


ChessMates vs RAR Attackers (1.5-1.5) still has Board 1 and 5 unplayed. Hope they do have the game before deadline as the match is very intense. ChessVikings is leading against Beyond by 1 point but can easily be turned over with two boards still in progress. Fleet-Footed Linguists already has 3 points against The Not-So Average Joes and was declared the match winner. The Sea Lions vs English Eagles is currently at 1-2 standing with two boards to go. 


With only one game played, Unstoppable Checkmaters is on the lead against Universal Checkmaters. And the only game between The Musketeers and Castling Assasins ended in a draw.


The other three match ups has no games so far.


With the current statistics, lets have the unofficial Play-Off line up:



The red figures under week 5 result indicates that the match is not yet finished and therefore may be subject to change. If the games goes as I predicted then R.O.O.K and Not-So Average Joes will join the top 16 due to tie breaks. The Universal Checkmates and Beyond still have chances to scale up the leaderboard if they win their match up. Much pressure for Unstoppable Checkmaters and English Eagles to win their games in the last few hours of week 5.


The final list of the 16 teams is coming near. The league's super admin @chessguy1012 has the following message for the coming play offs:



The teams for the play-offs will have a week of rest. Enough time to fine tune chess skills and give the audience spectacular games for Season 3 of the Not-So Pro Chess League. What team will be victorious?

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