Aug 22, 2017, 6:29 AM |

I started playing against Chessmaster personalities since A.D. 2000 and since then I have not defeat a computer player above 1600 rating. Defeat after defeat. Even when my online rating is reaching 1700, such number means nothing against the silicon minions.


This August 2017, I created a new account in Ubisoft's masterpiece. Started with a provisional rating of 300, I played 10 beginner level personalities as White and then Black and won every game. A waste of time. Yes, but I want to play consistently whatever the level of my opponent. After 20 games, I can now create tournaments.


The first tournament is for beginner level (rated 1099 and below). Seven wins and one draw. I made a stalemate by mistake. It seems that consistency is not working for me. Having conquered the Swiss, I played against seven other players in single round robin format and won every game. To be expected at my current level. But months ago I can win first in this group!


The Novice Swiss (rated 1100 to 1499) resulted in 6 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. Already a milestone. I seldom win against personalities with more than 1400 rating. The first time I won against a 1500 personality is around 2009 which I dubbed "The Golden Age" for my chess journey. The round robin is worst with 5 wins and 2 loss. I shared first with another 1400s. Nevertheless, a new age might be opening for me as this is my first time to get passed the Novice Level in this tournament setup.


The Swiss time control is 5 minutes with 10 seconds increment. While round robin has 15 minutes with 10 seconds increment. The beginner and novice level I played all games in one and two days. But for the Club Level Tournament (rated 1500 to 1899) things will be different. I will play with more concentration and just one game per day.


Eight games from a pool of 34 players. The Club Level Swiss started today. I dont watch engine versus engine games. I dont learn from that. My first game is against Michael (rated 1723). Just my luck I told myself. My first game in Club Level tournament is going to be a lost.


Even though the 1723 rated personality blundered two pieces, a win is a win. And things are looking good for me this year. But then its still too early to celebrate. The tournament has just begun. But hey, its my first win against a chessmaster personality with a high rating like that. I will sleep well tonight.'s analysis by stockfish graded the game as follows:

Strength White Black
Excellent 52 59
Good 12 5
Inaccuracy (?!) 6 3
Mistake (?) 3 2
Blunder (??) 0 1
Forced 0 2
Best Move 50.7% 62.7%
CAPS  76.62 94.17
Avg. Diff 1.37 0.41

It looks like I play worse than my opponent. How come? I won the game. Let's see what stockfish has to say.

I missed a lot in my analysis during the game. And even during the post game analysis. I need more practice. More exercise for the most important chess asset.



Note: Blog photo from The Shadows of Success, a good read.