A Funny Story

Jan 10, 2013, 2:50 PM |

One day a man goes on a trip and as soon as he enters the hotel's room,notices that there's a computer in the room.He decides to send an email to his wife.He types the message but in typing the address he makes a mistake and witout paying attention sends the message.

At this moment,in another part of earth,a woman that has just come back from his husband's funeral,thinking that maybe a condolence is recieved by friends or relatives, goes to the computer to check the emails but after reading the first email,faints and falls on the floor.

Her son with shock goes to his mother's room and sees her lying on the floor.Then he looks at the monitor and sees the email:

My dear wife,

I arrived.I know that you became surprised by this email.Actually,they have computers here and everyone who comes here,can send emails for his dears.I arrived right now and I checked everything.All the things are prepared for your arrival.See you tomorrow.I hope your trip be good like mine.Oh,how hot here is!