Brisingr! *Spoiler Alert. Read on only if you've finished reading the book.*

Sep 23, 2008, 7:53 AM |

Brisingr! Its finally out. I sat with my copy for a day and a half straight and finished it. I've been online, reading up forums, blogs etc etc, having long discussions with other people. And surprisingly, not a lot of people liked the book. I, personally, have no complaints whatsoever. It was a great book, the best of the cycle according to me.

The book was dark and complex, full of battles with a few moments of love and peace in the middle. The whole purpose of this book really was to lead into the last book which it has done beautifully. Roran was a central character, much more than in Eldest and i really enjoyed his part in this book. Though, i missed Murtagh and Thorn. I wish they played a more crucial role in this book, apart from being the constant-fear-instilling pair in the background. Of course they do finally play a big part in the end.

Ah, the end. Even though i'd guessed what was coming ( as i'm sure most of you would have), it was still very heartbreaking. To see Oromis and Glaedr leave the forest and fly out into battle was, i must admit, quite shocking. It was, nevertheless, wonderfully done. I was expecting an attack on the Elf city, which would lead to the same end. I must say, CP's way was much better. Obviously :P And how i can not mention the Heart of Hearts. A truly wonderful concept. And it finally explains Galby's power and Murtagh's too.

The only concern i have is with the green dragon. I was a 100% sure that the green egg would hatch in this book and we would see a new rider join the Varden. But alas, that dint happen. And here is my only question: Having a new dragon hatch in the last book. Wouldn't it be too late? I mean, how quickly can the dragon grow? Either the book will be spread over a large amount of time, or the dragon (and rider) WILL NOT join the Varden (and will be probably side with Galby, leading to a very fast growth like Thorn) or the green egg will not hatch untill the war is over, i.e the end of the book. If this happens, i would be very disappointed. I ( and i'm sure all other fans too) am so eager to see who the rider of the green dragon will be and how will they decide the fate of this war.

I'm sure CP will come up with a splendid 4th book and my best wishes to him. Loved Brisingr! Love CP :)