First serious study day.

Mar 17, 2015, 4:49 PM |

I had to get my tires changed today (potholes ate them), and it occured to me that 1) I would have a big chunk of time waiting for the tires,  and that 2) the self study plan IM Lilov wrote for me calls for spending a big chunk of time going over master games, and that 3) my book and chess set are portable.   

So I spent an hour and a half this morning waiting around on my tires and studying through the 1st game in Chernov's 'Most Instructive Games'.    It was pleasant and productive way to pass the time,  and really informative about some of the flaws in my thinking style.   I missed almost all of the set up, defensive and stability moves in the game.  I spotted many of the attacks (and even calculated a complex queen exchange perfectly!)   but my tendancy is to play them too soon - often I'd spot an attack, and then one or two set up moves would be played before the attack was made.    It's nice to know that I have decent ideas,  but I need to learn how to implement them properly.

  Also,  the proprietor of the tire shop turns out to have been a serious chess player as a young man in India before he immigrated to the US,  and we had a nice chat about GM Anand and the local chess scene.