Happy New Years


Or it would be if I weren't so sick.  I've been in bed for four days now, and thinking has been impossible.  I stare blankly at things and miss the completely obvious, like being in check, and that the letters s-t-o-p  spell the word stop.

This led to a particularly humiliating night at club last week, before I quite realized I was coming ill.   There was a new guy there,  and we played a few games,  and I kept making completely dunderheaded moves,  like missing that I was in check, and trying to make illegal moves.    I couldn't figure out why it felt like I was trying to think through cotton batting,  until my husband picked me up.  He gave me a hug and kiss, then frowned and felt my forehead and said,  "You're burning up."

At least the holidays are over.