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Brother-in-law MURDERED on his farm

Mar 4, 2011, 8:33 AM 6

Yes, ANOTHER statistic of a FARM MURDER in South Africa!! He and his wife was back home for a while, was on their way to the Randfontein annual Show. She was supposed to receive an award [or supposed to hand over an award - not sure at the moment], two black men came in after them, his wife was tied to a chair [of course they were going to RAPE her!!], my brother-in-law knew it, wrestling them to the kitchen, they grabbed his gun and shot him TWICE in his heart. The three black men were caught by farmers in the area who set up roadblocks, I HOPE THEY KILL THEM TOO!!! I HATE THE ANC!!! It is THEIR people doing this!! They have NO RESPECT for people's lives in South Africa, all they care about is killing farmers!! Farmers are the people who SUPPLY FOOD to any country's people... how can you MURDER them!! - or ANY OTHER PERSON!! Satan's people.

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